10 Poisonous flowers you should never eat

Flowers are the beauties of nature and we all know that honey is obtained from flowers. Even when we were kids, we used to drink nectar from certain flowers. There are many people who eat flowers, and use them in cooking, making tea for the flavour and smell. However, there are certain flowers that you should be aware of before eating them out of curiosity.



Daffodils are one of the sweetest flowers found on the surface of earth. But, as sweet as it looks, this flower can be a cause of huge distress in its indigested by anyone. If you eat any part of daffodil then it can lead to vomiting, nausea, irritation in mouth, abdominal pain, etc. because of a toxin present in this plant known as lycorine.


These little red flowers can brighten up anyone’s day if gifted to them. But, poppy flowers shouldn’t be tasted because all poppies are poisonous and is a health hazardous plant to eat. They can also be life threatening. So, Poppies should be used only as a decor for the house and not for health.


Foxgloves are wildflowers which are used for its beauty in flower arrangements or sometimes are also cultivated in private gardens. However, no one should intake this deadly flower as it contains naturally-occurring poisons that directly affect the heart.


The pink beauties are a delightful sight to watch and leave a sweet fragrance behind. But, the whole plant is highly-toxic – one of the most toxic garden plants in fact. Even if you eat one single leaf from this plant then it can cause you nausea, seizures, vomiting, and brutal cardiac irregularities.


Clematis is rather mild, but very toxic, and poisonous. If it comes in contact with your skin, it can cause serious irritation and burning sensation on the skin, and if indigested then it can even cause mouth ulcer. It happens due to the toxin called anemonin present in it.


Bluebells is an eye candy to watch, these flowers has their own charm with their looks, but, all parts of the bluebell contain the toxin, glycosides which if indigested will cause nausea, uneven pulse rate, diarrhea and vomiting.





These flowers can have life threatening affects if you eat them because the toxins present in it can impact heart rhythm and blood pressure which can be deadly to human beings.


As sweet as it may look, but, larkspur is the deadliest plan if you intake them. Because of the toxin, alkaloids which acts up really fast and is potentially life-threatening. There is still no proven treatment of larkspur poisoning.


Hydrangeas are beautiful flowers to look but, these flowers contain small amount of cyanide in them which makes them dangerous and a threat to human kind, hence, it shouldn’t be consumed.

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