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Anniversary Gifts For Couples In India

wedding anniversary bouquets

Gifting flowers to celebrate an anniversary includes a long and attention-grabbing history. Back within the Medieval Period: the people of the Holy Roman Empire would usually surprise their wives with silver garlands to commemorate twenty five years of wedding and golden wreaths to mark their fiftieth.

And of late, providing flowers as a present to honour the foremost stunning day in your lives continues to be the foremost widespread and loved day gift.

You can too gift your better half a bouquet this anniversary from Shades of Spring to get your ideal bouquet delivered right at your doorstep in all around Bangalore.

The ideal one

You can either go for her favourite flowers, or a bouquet of her favourite colours or flowers that say your story.

Here’s a list that might be helpful to you :


It is usually seen in a very light-weight violet shade, which represents the primary pangs of affection. This flower would be a superb selection for young or new love with a partner. There’s conjointly a strong magenta colour out there to symbolise a stronger form of love.

flowers for anniversary of marriage


They are among the most romantic of all the flowers. While roses are available in several colours, the crimson rose is that the image of everlasting love. They represent deep, true love with a partner. It is a good gift for anniversary for the remembrance of the big day like a proposal of wedding.

best wedding anniversary gifts


Camellia is absolutely an excellent selection for gifting a bouquet on your anniversary day. That means quality and longevity, the flower is native to Japan and China and has been a well-liked flower there for hundreds of years. You can buy ruby shade or pink for the big day.

Camellia - anniversary gifts for couples india

Blue Iris

An elegant and very sophisticated-looking flower, the blue iris could be a pretty and unique flower to administer as a romantic gift. The Blue Iris could be an image of faith, trust and hope. Iris is additionally the Greek deity of affection which makes it a perfect anniversary bouquet.

Blue Iris - wedding anniversary gift ideas

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