3 products

3 products


GOAL: Spread extreme happiness every Saturday and it should be without Profit

HOW: 500+ varieties of exotic flowers for your fav place sourced from 200+ farms.
 In an eco-friendly box which is picked next time.

THE AFFORDABILITY MAGIC: Bulk sourcing for a huge family has advantages if they plan together. We decide what you get every week and drive down the prices for a box by 60%+ (our 300₹ box is equid of 700₹ if bought locally). PLUS PLUS PLUS, you get NEW FLOWERS . We work with farmers to grow new varieties which were not grown before!

YOUR NEXT STEPS: Come join the happy family !! Choose your subscription type (classic , must have fragrance), starting Saturday , frequency (weekly, monthly, ..), # months  and TADA 

CHERRY ON THE CAKE : You can PAUSE , RESUME your subscription for all days except Friday (you must pause a delivery by Thursday cause we do harvesting on Friday morning). CANCEL it anytime. WhatsApp us if you are not happy, and we will make it right!