The subscription bouquets will be sent out every 7, 14 or 28 day on saturdays as requested at the time of ordering. However, if you’re on a holiday or would like to skip a date, you can do so via ‘My Account > Order’ section.

Pause is allowed till thursday 11pm

Yes you can. For subscription, please send address change request to or whatsapp us at 9599589525 before 6pm on Thursday. For other orders please send in the address details 3 hours prior to delivery. Once the order is out for delivery, we will not be able to entertain the address change request.

Don’t worry! We always leave the flower box outside your doorstep and collect the previous delivery box.

Yes! We will treat it as a special request and send the flower box to your house. Additional delivery charges apply based on your location.

While we hate to see you go (please do let us know if we can help with anything that’s causing frustration or difficulty), if the time has come to cancel your subscription, just give us a call on +91-9599589525 or drop us a line at

We’ll charge upfront for a fixed duration subscription. You can pause, resume or cancel your subscription at any point in time. The flowers will arrive in every 7, 14 or 28 days on Saturday.

The flowers are hand picked and freshly cut from the farms and depending on your subscription weel be delivered to you each week, fortnight or month.

Currently we deliver flowers only on Saturday. For delivery request on any other day, please call us or whatsapp @9599589525 and our customer delight team will be able to help you.

Additional courier charges apply based on your location.


We deliver the new box and take back the old box, just hang the old box outside your door every Friday 🙂

We recycle everything, the box, the cellophane, butter paper, everything which we can use again!

Flower care instructions are printed behind the box. Your flowers need water to wake up. Cut flower stem 3 inch from the bottom and hydrate them in water mixed with lemon and sugar. We also provide flower food with the box. Flowers will wake up in 1-2 hours and will be ready to go into the vase.

Still not satisfied, please send photos to our customer delight team within 12 hours of delivery and they will help you. Whatsapp @9599589525, Email