For The Love Of Carnations

Humans are social animals. Flowers have been the most acceptable and warming gifts in all the socio-cultural gatherings. Carnation is the most beautiful and eye-catching flower, which is also a symbol of love and affection. With the lush green stems, topped with pretty soulful blooms, they always stand out in the flower vases.

Dianthus caryophyllus, popularly known as Carnations or clove pink is found in the Mediterranean region. Dated back to 2000 years ago, it was first mentioned in the Greek literature and has been extensively cultivated after that. The story behind the name “Dianthus Caryophyllus”, was that Diana the Goddess came upon a shepherd boy and took a liking to him. The boy turned her down, so out of rage, the Goddess ripped out his eyes and threw them on the soil from which they sprouted into the dianthus flower. 

The carnation is a herbaceous perennial plant and the leaf varies from greyish green to blue-green. They are produced singly or in a bunch of up to five together in a cyme and have a sweet fragrance. Carnations vary widely in colors. They are available in white shades and then go down the line of soft pastel shades. Cultivators have also developed other colors as well such as red, white, yellow and green. These flowers require well-drained, neutral to slightly alkaline soil and plenty of sunlight to bloom completely. They are also used for medical purposes, such as an upset stomach and fever. And their fragrance was historically used for wine, beer, vinegar, sauces, and salads. 

A bouquet of hand-tied carnations of different color palettes is the best way to deliver your token of love to your near and dear ones. Now you can sit back and relax, while we can send these charismatic and enticing beauties to your loved ones. Shades of Spring avail to send carnations online to convey your heartfelt emotions. We have two hand-tied bouquets of fresh flowers of purple hue and red tint with a hint of white and green.



Carnations usually express love, fascination, and distinction, although there are other meanings based on the various colors of the flower. 

  • The red carnation can be used as a symbol of socialism and the labor movement. Red carnations of a lighter shade represent admiration, while those of the darker red shade represent deep love and affection. 
  • White carnations represent pure love, innocence, loyalty, and infuse good luck to anybody who is gifted with a bunch of these white beauties.
  • The purple carnation is a traditional funeral flower, given in condolence for the death of a loved one. 
  • The pink carnation represents the undying love a mother feels for her child.
  • The yellow carnations are meant to spread sunny smiles and happiness.

Other than what its various colors symbolize, the flower itself, in general, holds various meanings in different places. For example, in Czechoslovakia and Poland during the People’s Republic of Poland, carnations were given to women during the widely celebrated Women’s Day. 

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