Each sign of the zodiac is associated with particular things in the physical world through a set of distinctive traits. Every zodiac sign has a flower, just as every month has a birthstone. Astrology brings you closer to the stars in the sky and the flowers on the ground.

Aries (21st March- 20th April)


Aries people are renowned for their bravery, independence, and self-assurance. They bring a beautiful aura with them that uplifts the spirit and beautifies the surroundings. One deserves a nice gesture of love for a personality like that. With our All About You Gift Box, you may surprise the special Aries in your life. The box is chock-full of flavour and essence to make it the ideal present for them. Make sure to send them a sincere letter to show them how much you care.


Taurus (21st April-21st May)


Taurus are born with artistic inclination, which makes them a calm sign that is known for their patience, endurance and reliability. Lilies, pink roses, red carnations, and violets are the perfect flowers to send to the charming Taurus in your life since they appreciate being surrounded by love and lifeSurprise your Valentine with our luxurious Josephine French roses bouquet, in a lavish way. Give them our Peace Lily White together with a decadent dark chocolate bar if your sweetheart like keeping things simple and understated. They would be the ideal present for your Taurus because they are a reflection of their personality and demeanour.


Gemini (May 22-June 21)


Gemini’s social, energetic nature perfectly blends with Lavender’s rich and exuberant appearance. Lavender is known for its diverse uses, similar to a Gemini’s versatile personality. Surprise them with this Lavender Dreams Giftbox. The lavender candle, purple roses, and hot chocolates will make the ideal presents for the fabulously original Gemini in your life. The vibrant purple hues and refreshing scent of lavender is a perfect complement to the natural social and welcoming spirit of the Gemini.


Cancer (22nd June-22nd July)


Cancer people are overly generous and sensitive in nature. Family first is their guiding principle. White roses are a beautiful and understated pick for them since they value experiences and enjoy everything that is brilliant. Their household is peaceful and well-balanced. White lilies and roses blossom in Cancer. Give these lovely Love Letter bouquets with a seal for optimism in relationships to your special someone on Valentine's Day to make them feel even more loved and cherished. Considering that our White Orchids stand for harmony, imagination, optimism, emotion, and purity, you may also surprise your Cancer with them.


Leo (23rd July-22nd August)


Everybody needs a Leo in their life. The atmosphere is brightened and filled with enthusiasm by their powerful, vivacious, and fearless demeanour. Those vivid sunflowers will hold the most significance for your Leo. Make sure to get them our Sunnyside Sweetheart bouquet for the Lovely Leo in your life. Sunflowers represent devotion and commitment, making them the ideal Valentine's Day gift. This bouquet is ideal for someone who enjoys a colourful, vivacious appearance and will best convey your love.


Virgo (23rd August- 23rd September)


Virgos may not always want to be the centre of attention, but don’t let their shyness fool you. Once you get to know them, their fun-loving personality begins to show. Just like the subtly beautiful buttercup, Virgos are organized, neat, and enjoy blending into the background. Our Buttercup Charm would make a perfect gift for your perfect Virgo. Mix it up with some cute lil Truffles by Smoor and make it ‘the day’ for you two. The flowers most often symbolize neatness because of their sophisticated structure and design.


Libra (24th September- 23rd October)


Libras have the tendency to display the extremes of being emotional, yet they have a smooth and airy character. Like a classic rose, everyone who meets a Libra is enamoured of them. Roses, a representation of peace and love, go incredibly well with Libra's commitment to justice and firm sense of right and wrong. Librans frequently fit in well in social settings because, like the rose, they have easy-going personalities and serene demeanors that can make anyone smile. They are unable to avoid sharing love wherever they go! Similar to our Romeo and Juliet Giftbox full with beautiful essence and kindness. The purple orchids can also woo them with your love. With these lavish roses, purple orchid and a nice note from you, surprise your Libra.


Scorpio (24th October- 22nd November)


Scorpios are enigmatic and intense individuals. They possess a powerful mind. Only those who are close to them typically see their emotional side. So consider yourself fortunate if a Scorpio chooses you to be their close friend. With these stunning Scarlett O'Hara bouquets, you can win their heart all over again and put a smile on their beautiful face. You could always combine it a little with our pink Anthurium, which is not only attractive but also attractive to scorpions. The stunning Scorpio in your life would be the ideal complement for the red roses, blue daisies, and anthurium pink.


Sagittarius (23rd November- 21st December)


A Sagittarius is often laid-back, upbeat, and enjoyable to be around when they are in a good mood. Orchids and pink carnations are appropriate blossoms for Sagittarians. Send a Strawberry Fields Forever arrangement to your darling Sagittarius this Valentine's Day to help them celebrate. The carnations in this bouquet are a representation of love because they frequently survive the longest in an arrangement of flowers. With the pale yellow orchids, you can always add a little more beauty to your ideal connection.




Capricorn (22nd December- 20th January)


Although Capricorns are renowned for their seriousness and ambition, they also possess a lot of adorable and appealing traits. They include their sense of humour and their reassuring qualities, among other things. They constantly maintain a relaxed and upbeat atmosphere in the space. Our Rosey red gift box would be the ideal present for someone so lovable. There are several Capricorn-like elements in the present box. Full of flavour and full of essence.


Aquarius (21st January- 19th February)


Aquarians are known for their individuality, independence and their willingness to help others. They are known for their ability to think outside the box. They are often creative and have unique perspectives, which can be seen as charming. A nice present is appropriate for a charming personality like Aquarius. Your Aquarius friend would love our Casablanca with Valentine classic. In your own romantic style, express your affection for them, and don't pass up the chance to put a smile on their face.




Pisces (20th February- 20th March)


We all know a Pisces is known for their empathy, sensitivity and their ability to connect with others emotionally. They can be viewed as very attractive and kind because they are excellent listeners and have strong feelings for other people. As well as being noted for being passionate and idealistic, Pisces are also known for their daydreamy and imaginative temperament. Be the one to surprise them with your thoughtful actions and help them realize their dreams in reality. The Sweetheart truffle with our Happy Together bouquet would make the ideal present for your Pretty Pisces. So why are you still waiting? Because we've got your back, do something special on Valentine's Day!