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How Subscription Works

Flower Subscriptions

If you’re happiest when your home is full of fresh cut flowers, or want to delight a fellow bloom-enthusiast, choose one of our flower subscriptions. Our flower team will send different bouquets as often as you like on Saturdays.

Flowers in Nature


• Prices start at just Rs 229 per box, including free delivery

• Pay upfront for a fixed duration, or one bouquet at a time

• Delivery available on Saturdays in every 7, 14 or 28 days. Pause any delivery date via your account

• Pause, resume or cancel an ongoing subscription any time

• Every time box will have new set of fresh flowers which will be delivered at your doorstep on Saturdays

• Flowers stay in your vase on avg of 5-7 days

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The subscription bouquets will be sent out every 7, 14 or 28 day on saturdays as requested at the time of ordering. However, if you’re on a holiday or would like to skip a date, you can do so via ‘My Account > Order’ section.

Pause is allowed till thursday 11pm

Can I change the address?

We would love to do take your request. Please write us at or send whatsapp at  +91- 6364535321 and we will be able help you within 24-48 hours.

When and by what time can I expect my delivery?

We are working really hard to ramp up our supply chain. You can expect your delivery before 2pm on Saturday.