July 4th - Subscription Box

July 4th - Subscription Box

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Weekly Subscription Box


Picture Credits - @saffrontrail

Shades of spring's Subscription Boxes of this week were inspired from the medicinal and beneficial properties of fresh flowers.

'Anthuriums' are the stars of the week. They arrive in multiple colors of red, green, white and purple. Anthuriums are well regarded as air purifiers and are flowers of choice for meeting rooms. Unlike the head of a snake, these pretty flowers are our best friends in these times.

The arrangement for the week tops it off with beautiful yellow 'chrysanthemums', multi-colored 'carnations' and lazy droopy 'alstroemerias' (also known as tiger lily). This bunch will BLOOM in your vase over the next few days, just remember to trim the stems, and change vase water every two days.


Our best Bouquet design for the week. We are calling it the BUSHEL. This amazing combo of 15+ different varieties of flowers is just perfect to express those emotions which words can not.



We absolutely love this picture by @ralphdaniels08 as it captures the anthurium's colors and spirit so well. The pig at the bottom is definitely a plus!


The contrasting colors of the bright red vase and the pretty white flowers, compliment each other so greatly, that it would fit into any setting perfectly. Great job @reeetwo!


@throughmybluewindow's has managed to capture the beautiful pop of colors from the pink and purple chrysanthemums and anthuriums, which just brings to life a very captivating bouquet.